Raishov Te'Ordalai

A dog-modded drow femboy with a subversive attitude


Physical Description

Typical of drowish males, Raishov is short and effeminate, however he is even more girlish than the typical drow. He stands 5’ (1.5m) tall and is very thin and lithe with shapely, feminine hips. His dark, purplish skin contrasts with his silvery white hair. His pinkish red eyes glint with a mischievous intelligence. He has been modded to have a perky dog ears and a curled up dog tail, each having the same starlight coloration as his hair. Other races often mistake him for female as his package is small and easily hidden, plus his voice is boyish and almost feminine.



One of the countless enslaved males under the regime of the Gorzhan Empire, Raishov was treated like a slave from his birth. With the support of an orc named Mbez, Raishov learned technical skills that made him more useful than the courtesan fodder which most males are consigned to be. He was also found to be good breeding stock by being forced to sire ten daughters, making him worth even more. He would have lived a better life than most drow males. Unfortunately, his owner was a Captain who later deserted to become a pirate, so he wasn’t freed with most of the Gorzhan slaves.

He has been used as a scheme for his owner to make money. She sells him to an unsuspecting buyer and then kidnaps him back. His dog ears and tail are part of this scheme, as they make him more appealing to human and other buyers.

Raishov Te'Ordalai

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