Iris Kinsington

A lanky, sarcastic modification doctor


Physical Description

A lanky human woman, Dr. Kinsington stands around 6’6" (2m) tall. Her black hair hangs down past her shoulders, completely straight. Skin as pale as windblown snow, it’s obvious that she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the sun. Both her eyes are cybernetically modified, though they look mostly normal with glowing blue irises.



Dr. Iris Kinsington served as a cybernetic enhancement specialist during the war, doing her best to put troops right back on the front lines. She was injured when the drow dominated the vesk and had them send a flood of suicidal attack ships into the Human’s back line. Losing her eyes from debris due to the crash, Dr. Kinsington was honorably discharged from service.

Now that she has her sight back and the war is over, she is a wandering modification doctor. She mostly sells cybernetics, but can also make biological or magical mods.

Iris Kinsington

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