Ellodiel Noma Autrai

The proud, young elvish mage


Physical Description

A tiny elfin girl, Ellodiel stands at 4’ (1.2m). Her pale, slightly freckled skin contrasts with her deep, purpley auburn hair. Her laser pink elvish eyes pierce through the soul. Her trim, pear-shaped body has thick, shapely thighs, but is lacking in breasts — a fact she is somewhat self conscious of. Something that Ellodiel tries to keep people from noticing is that she has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.



Ellodiel Noma Autrai is the daughter of a grand elvish warrior mage and the youngest daughter of the High King of Teleth Urdrai. Chausreth Gard Autrai, her father, was killed in battle with the Gorzhan Empire only a few years after her birth. Amanalia Noma, her mother, raised her alone in the High King’s house.

Ellodiel took on several traits of her father as she grew older. Her sharp intellect and affinity for ancient magicks blossomed much earlier than her physical body. She seems to have stopped growing before hitting full adulthood, despite her being a full adult.

These days, Ellodiel is working on studying different aspects of the galaxy. She is particularly interested in how magical auras and flows are effected by terraforming.

Ellodiel Noma Autrai

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