Dane Graff

The wolfish sheriff of Tumble


Physical Description

Standing around 6’11" (2.1m) tall, Dane is a giant mass of lean muscle. His head is topped by a pair of wolf ears and he has a ruff of dense fur around his neck. A thick, uncurled tail hangs at his waist. His lower arms and legs are coated in wolf-like silver and black fur. His keenly aware eyes are a wild yellow. The rest of his handsome body is human, at least as far as can be seen, which marks him as one of the Fenrisian humans who were affected by the modification plague.



Often found attired in old Terran “cowboy” clothing, Dane is the Sheriff of Tumble, a relatively small town on Dirtball. He wasn’t always a lawkeeper in the frontier, in fact he used to be a game warden on his home planet of Goldenrock. When his younger brother was kidnapped and held as ransom while scrapping on Dirtball, Dane came and shot the Vesk pirates before convincing the UGC to send some police out to Dirtball, mostly under his control.

Dane Graff

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