Byutain "Jewels" Ngim

The one and only lapeth investment broker


Physical Description

A typical carrier lapeth, Jewels stands at 5’3" (1.6m). Her grayish skin is dusted with freckles of metallic shimmer. As with most lapra, she has solid black eyes. Her thin strip of feathery, pastel pink hair sits between her two floppy rabbit ears. Her body looks feminine to most races. Extremely well-muscled thighs help her hide her ovipositor, which otherwise breaks the image of feminity.



A member of the weak, but extremely long-lived race of the lapra, Byutain Ngim was born while her people were still in bondage to the Gorzhan Empire. Growing up to become an investment broker for several wealthy drow matrons, Byutain eventually gained a huge amount of wealth. She was one of the coalition that bought her people’s freedom from the Gorzhan Empire.

As her people had to take a neutral stance during the war between the Empire and the UGC, Byutain found herself able to move her assets into human-controlled space. While working with humans, she took on the name “Jewels”, a direct translation of her given name. After the war, she began traveling human space, living on her investments. However, while taking a nature excursion on a little known planet near Vanis West, her ship was stolen by ex-Gorzhan pirates.

Jewels “donated” three eggs to parents without a third who wished to breed. She cares a lot about her children, even though she didn’t initially want to be more than a donor. The thing she wants to retrieve the most in her ship is a decorated engraving of her and her three children.

Byutain "Jewels" Ngim

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