Alishin Maoza

A downtrodden elf with cat ear and tail mods


Physical Description

The most stand out features on Alishin are her modded cat ears and tail. Both are platinum blonde like her hair, which is worn very long and free. Her milky smooth skin has been carefully kept free of scars despite the abuse she’s endured. Her downcast eyes are indeterminate pale blue which shift between red, pastel blue, and light violet due to the light. Her nails are kept to look like cat’s claws. Her tail is often curled submissively around one of her legs and her ears almost never perk up, being kept back.



Born to enslaved light elves, Alishin has had her spirit broken despite being so young. While she’s barely sexually mature at 75, most elves wouldn’t consider her an adult for 25 years. Lucky for her, virginity is considered a rare and valuable aspect for light elf slaves, so she’s only had her mouth used to please her owner. Other than that, she’s been trained in various housekeeping duties.

In order to keep her as valuable as possible and to avoid further persecution by the UGC, her owners have kept her virtue intact and have bound her with high tech chastity devices. They also forced cat ears and tail modifications on her.

Her only friend throughout all these trials has been Raishov. She’s also comforted him every time he’s been forced to sire a child, but is somewhat jealous that he has gotten to feel sexual pleasure. She’s also somewhat jealous that he knows how to do more than just keep house.

Alishin Maoza

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